First post of a necrowizard from the past....

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First post of a necrowizard from the past....

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Have not seen that name in almost 19 years.
Last I was around was we just finished beta testing Forgotten Enemies.
The OG Community mod.

I miss Pandemic.
They made awesome networks possible over the years.
Networks of people.

Sitting in shells and lobbies for hours, talking before scrims/matches....
Making new friends around the globe.
In Combat management simulations ( never knew it taught you crisis management did you ? ).

Immersion, and rendering still damn good 23 years later.

Just out here and wanted to stop by and say hi to everyone.
Stop making generic copies please.

Make the OG.
But offer it as 3.
Dont have to call it battlezone.
Can always just call it Combat Commanders Playground.


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