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Forum Rules

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Basic rules for these forums, from ... tion=Rules

Cliff's notes of rules
Posting here is a privilege, not a right. There's a million other places to post things on the internet. If you annoy the admins of these forums, you'll likely be asked to post elsewhere. So, don't be annoying.

General Rules

This forum is bound by the laws of the United States, the state of Texas. Posting anything that violates any such laws may result in an instantaneous ban, under the discretion of an administrator. In addition, you may also be bound by the laws of your state or country. In the event of a conflict, the most restrictive law shall apply.
This forum is also bound by the AUP. Violating the AUP may result in an instant ban, under the discretion of an administrator.
All punishments are at the discretion of the administrator or moderator issuing them, and all rules are enforced at the discretion of the administrator or moderator enforcing them. All rules and punishments may be evaluated on a case by case basis and prior action or inaction may not apply to the current situations.
Complaints about how a rule was enforced or punished, or was not enforced or punished as the case may be, should be issued to someone higher in the chain of command. For moderators, try to first find a global moderator. If that fails or for global moderators, find an administrator. If that fails or for an administrator, find GSH. For GSH, still complain to him. Please issue complaints via the Private Messaging system. In the event of failure of the private messaging system as a means of communication, e-mail GSH( If using e-mail, please include "SMB Complaint" in the subject line.
Do not respond to threads that have not been responded to for over two months (60 days). Old threads are kept for reference, but are not to be responded to without permission from a moderator or administrator unless the topic is an important, sticky topic.
Do not double post. Double posting is the act of posting two or more responses in a row to a single thread within one week of each other. To avoid this, modify the previous post. Posting twice in a row to the same topic more then a week apart should be done sparingly. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of a moderator or administrator.
You are allowed to have one account. Creating duplicate accounts may result in the deletion of all your accounts and the possible banning of associated information from the accounts. If you are having trouble getting into your account then please contact GSH via e-mail( using a subject containing "SMB Account Trouble".

Spamming is not allowed, whether through posting or private messaging. Spamming may result in a restriction of posting rights or a ban. Please report spamming to an administrator if it's not cleaned up.

Excessive or tasteless use of the BBCode tags may result in the removal of affected posts or, under repeated circumstances, intervention from an administrator.
Starting or ending all or the majority of your posts with the same word, phrase, symbol, etc. is highly discouraged. You should not need to put the same thing at the start of all of your posts, and your signature exists for the end of your posts.

The attempt of typing with proper spelling, punctuation, captalization, and grammar is strongly encouraged. While foreign users will be granted slightly more consideration, it is expected that all users will at the very least type with proper use of the 'simple' punctuation marks of the period (.), question mark (?), comma (,), and apostrophe ('). If more 'advanced' punctuation is used to better illustrate the flow of the writing, (something highly encouraged of all users,) then more leeway will be given in regard to these punctuation marks. Capitalization of proper names, such as "Kevin" or "English", is expected, as is the capitalization of words such as "I". It is the discretion of the moderators and administrators to determine if an attempt is truly being made.
Excessive abbreviation likened to text messaging via cellphones will not be tolerated. While cellphones generally impose a small limit to the length of a message, the same can not be said for the forums. There is no need for excessive abbreviation such as "u" for "you" or "ur" for "your" because of this, and to type otherwise would be a sign of a lack of common courtesy - basic respect - towards other members of the forum.
Hateful and derogatory slang will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to epithets of a sexual, racial, or religious nature.
Needless or excessive profanity is not allowed. A minimal level of profanity is allowed, but continuous profane or vulgar expression is not.
The censoring of words may not be circumvented. Attempts to circumvent the censoring of specific words will result in being banned or having your posting rights removed. NOTE: The word being censored, and ALL non-whitespace characters attached to the word, will be censored. This may include things you do not expect to be censored.

Avatars are not allowed for now. This may change over time.

Signatures are not allowed for now. This may change over time.

File Attachments
Images that are warez (i.e. pirated software) pornographic or offensive are not allowed. Any user who posts such images will be banned immediately for warez pornographic images and suspended from posting for a time and length to be decided upon by moderators and administrators.
Attachments hosted on may not be linked for use on other websites or forums. The theft of bandwidth from will not be tolerated.

Offsite Linking
Direct display of offsite images may only be done with permission from the website from which the image is linked. A URL may be given if permission is not given or available, but the display of the image may only be done if permission is given.
Other websites may be linked if the content of the linked website does not grossly violate the rules of the Forum. Websites that violate the rules of the Forum in a minor way may generally be linked, but it is up to the discretion of the moderators and administrators of this forum for ultimate decision on this matter.

Polls may not be created by users with fewer than fifty posts. If a user with fewer than fifty posts wishes to create a poll, request can be made of a moderator or administrator to give permission to create such a poll.
Excessive or undue creation of polls will not be tolerated. While the creation of one poll for a specific matter is reasonable, creation of multiple polls over a short period of time is not allowed.
Neutrality should be displayed in the options for poll responses. Polls that either do not allow a reasonable positive-neutral-negative response or that are created in a way as to cause bias in answers will be removed.


Moderators are supposed to be the local police of the forum. They go around in their own areas, enforcing rules, and reporting offenders to those who need to be informed. The higher responsibility comes with an additional set of rules, however.
By the analogy presented, global moderators probably end up at state police, with administrators at federal police, judges, jury, and executioners
Moderators and Global Moderators are to be on their best behavior, following the rules to their best ability. At the same time, the rules that the Moderators and Global Moderators are enforcing should be within their circle of power. Anything outside of their circle should be reported to the appropriate person.
Taking into account #1, Moderators and Global Moderators are still human. They can make mistakes. They should just try to avoid it more than normal members.
When enforcing the rules, or when not enforcing the rules, do not abuse your power. The position is a privledge, not a right.

Moderators are appointed and demoted by the Administrators. Moderation rights may also be assigned and removed by a Head Moderator, should one exist for a section at any given time. This is largely done on whim and with processes that have no concrete rules other then what the person who came up with them at the time wants.

You have been warned!

Administrators are the ultimate authority of the forum, and GSH is their leader. Administrators are appointed and demoted at GSH's whim. Chances are, if you ask to be one, you won't be. Keep that in mind if you want the position.
Don't piss GSH off.
There is no #2.

Please Don't...
... cut in line to post. You can wait your turn.
... browse the forum in your birthday suit. We prefer you to be decent.
... spit on other people's posts. We don't like cleaning up the spit.
... leave the door open. We weren't raised in a barn, and hope you weren't either.
... feed the gremlins after midnight. Just don't.
... use the Jedi Mind trick on other members. It pisses the admins off.
... summon Elder Gods. They make a mess of the place.
... prank the Borg. They can't take a joke.
... worship false gods on the forum. It pisses the real ones off.
... invite vampires in. They are a pain to get rid of.
... tease the ghost in the girl's bathroom. She is near impossible to calm down afterwards.
... release the anti-fairies. Our luck is bad enough as it is.
... argue on your own time. It cuts into profits.
... feed the bears. They get quite enough food stealing from picnic baskets.
... ask for a map. They tend to show up above your head in stone.
... touch the thermostat. We set it where it is for a REASON, damnit.
... try and play mind games with the Zuul. They are much better are playing mind games than you are.
... play chicken with Node Missiles. You have been warned.
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