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Open source Software

Post by MrTwosheds » Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:43 am

As I am rebuilding my suite of tools and programs, thought I would try out some of the open source software. So here is a tread to discuss these offerings.
Ill start with Peerblock
This looks really useful, you can block any IP address from accessing your computer and download updated lists of IP's you might like to block, the default settings lists things like known sources of spyware, adverts and anti p2p organisations.
This last one contains several hundred million IP,s! and seems to contain gamespy somewhere, as bz2 MP stopped working after I enabled it!
You can make your own lists, block entire nations or individual internet service providers if you want. All of this may have unexpected results on your web navigation though, but its a simple program to use and can be easily turned on and off.
A list of the Lists is here

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