Victory at Sea

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Victory at Sea

Post by Red Spot » Fri Oct 24, 2014 3:45 pm

Rather fun game, a bit pricey perhaps, but for a 'click fest' type game it is rather entertaining.
It reminds me of Navy Field but that game changes a lot when you go from your newb destroyer to bigger classes of ships.

Victory at Sea has a number of things that could easily be described as flaws, but on an other level they do work.
Like not having formation controls and the game seemingly randomly spawning your and the enemy fleet in battle. That however kinda adds to the game, instead of always coming down on the AI with the same strong formation you may now be presented with say one of your carriers deploying near or even in between enemy ships and all your heavy hitters on the backline .. now see that you save your carrier.
Depending on how you play the campaigns you can also make it real easy on yourself (keep hitting small convoys) or real difficult (go straight for attacking ports) where you would roughly earn the same income so the game will still progress on a similar balance level no matter how you go about controlling the oceans.

If like me you are a naval enthusiast and the price of the game isnt setting you back, I'd suggest you give it a go. It does not really offer that much re-playability, but I would say the same about a game like Angry Birds ...

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