Breaking News: "The Bionite Debacle"

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Re: Breaking News: "The Bionite Debacle"

Post by Psyringe » Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:03 am

I have other emails from nick i can post if i need to, but Mr. Desuza really needs to leave me alone, get a life, or at least start living one with me not in it.
In reference to this quote, which is just an offending comment by Mr. Grisnik;
3 months, potentially more, of "my life" was dedicated towards the success of Bionite: Origins. As it so happens, those 3 month efforts were essentially wasted. 3 Months in the video industry is *at least* six 3-5 minute videos, 3 months in the photography business is *at least* 1500 edited and published images, 3 months of my time was visually seen by thousands of users, enjoyed by thousands of users, properly structured and employed by hundreds of users - users who were confused when I left. Thanks to John Grisnik, I believe users can now have a much better understanding of what happened - now that I'm able to share entire Skype Threads, and entire Email Threads. My original intention was simply to point out published and potentially deleted content (lol) but the game has clearly changed today. And for that, we must all thank John Grisnik. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I don't do what I do out of "spite" or "hatred" - but "justice". I'm not the first - I interviewed the first (with a group of BZ players no less). Clearly I wasn't the last, I just published a story on the last.

But I'm not done. The amount of publicity the Bionite: Origins / Platoon Studios stories generate are fantastic - and they grow each time. Why would I stop? A goldmine has just been discovered, and I think everyone should build a little town next to it and sing songs.

Maybe you should leave, John Grisnik, have you considered that? Leaving and never coming back?

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Re: Breaking News: "The Bionite Debacle"

Post by LtFEED » Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:19 am

AHadley wrote:The first I heard of another team was this thread. Did you get the Skype message I sent?

my bad aHadley,

I just checked the list of quitters and your not on the list. I incorrectly thought your name was on the list. I saw your skype, but I removed everyone i though was on panda's quitters list from my skype contacts. My bad for assuming you were on that list, I have been buzy lately and I havnt been able to do much other than code until my eyes bleed.

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Re: Breaking News: "The Bionite Debacle"

Post by DeusExCeteri » Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:21 am

Psyringe wrote:Oh my. I didn't know we were publishing private content.
That's what I thought, I think a discussion like this one might be better kept out of the public eye, don't you agree? Not taking sides here but the emotional rollercoaster ride that has been Bionite Origins is at a bit of a low point right now and nothing you've said so far, LtFEED, has made it much better.

Also that "I do what I do because justice" line was a bit corny.

Just a bit.

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Re: Breaking News: "The Bionite Debacle"

Post by Ded10c » Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:22 am

I have re-added you as a contact and re-sent the message so I can be sure you have it. needs your help!

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Re: Breaking News: "The Bionite Debacle"

Post by blue banana » Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:29 am

There's a lot of emotions going around, if someone hasn't noticed. To address the more "bigger" posts (literally and contextually):
LtFEED wrote:This is the email I got from psyringe right after this thread went up. psyringe's real name is Nick Desuza

There's something you should know, related to Psy's post: You're severely unprofessional. Think about that now before you're thinking about it when Bionite is abandoned. For starters, you never lived up to your words as a developer or leader- hence why half of your team left, again. Secondly, you have forgotten you're not in high school anymore- you can't go around posting names and legal emails on public forums, which makes you look dumb and your products moreso. I can extrapolate more, but it shouldn't be my job.

As to the now-exposed email:
I literally can't tell what Psy wants, if not both options of "sponsor Incision" and "decline our offer". Not really the best way to send an email intended for "negotiating peace" since it's super passive-aggressive and forceful, which definitely won't keep a partnership like this around (given Platoon survives that long :P).

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Re: Breaking News: "The Bionite Debacle"

Post by Psyringe » Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:18 am

The original peace offering was given months ago and mailed to many recipients, including those referenced and participating on this thread. This message was only sent to John, and likely the only "negative" or "passive aggressive" he'll be able to discover. My patience was running thin while writing it, probably should have taken a hit of the recently legalized substance to Colorado. It's nothing compared to some of what John has written - I'm not in any hurry to publish and when I do it will be concise. I would have had a hard time proving he's as big a liar as the original interviewee claimed without it. I've even opened the breakwaway team to give me private content as well to learn from, it's clear John doesn't care.

Simply pulling a message out of context wont make sense, so I agree BlueBanana.
Yea... it was corny. So corny, but so true. Shout-Out to Dan.

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Re: Breaking News: "The Bionite Debacle"

Post by Nielk1 » Thu Feb 26, 2015 2:58 am

So, does this mean Bionite is fucked? I have a consumer interest in asking since I actually own a copy from Indie Royale...

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Re: Breaking News: "The Bionite Debacle"

Post by mjl09 » Sun Mar 08, 2015 2:43 am

I have been asked to pass on the following
For the past few weeks now I have been monitoring this thread and patently waiting for my account to be fixed so that I can post. This is taking too long so I’m going through a proxy but I wanted it known why this has taken so long for an official reply.

I’ll go through the thread in order and respond in kind to at least give an account from the side of our newly formed company.

To anyone from the community that wishes to lend a hand in the new company, we welcome honest, no strings attached help from anyone willing to land a hand. There is no payment as of now and we can’t promise it in the future, we are all working on a hope and a dream at the moment.

First, the opening comments by Psyringe are by and large spot on. The biggest issue for us was and continued to be lack of basic control issues such as hover and mouse aiming. These are corner stone pieces to a game.

To the email posted by LtFEED from Psyringe I am not privy to and won’t comment further on. To the REST of the stuff he posted, I can and will. The named people who left the project did the following:
- Ran the Facebook, twitter, Steam and Desura pages, in the entirety – including production of promotional materials for them.
- Had started and nearly completed the process of recovering some lost accounts on same said sites, Fb and twitter. (sorry about that one Psyringe, at least you kept them in the end)
- Got the game on Steam greenlight, greenlit, and on its way to an early access release.
- Got us on an early access bundle pack through Desura and onto the store front, generating nearly 5k in game sales and 30% increase in steam greenlight numbers.
- Worked with Desura to fix a bug that made it impossible to play for the people that bought the game on that site and get the money that was owed the game through that site.
- Got the game on youtube channels for added promotion.
- Reached out to and secured several online articles for the game.
- Pushed to create several new features on the website such as a dev blog for fans to follow back office progress on the game.
- On top of this, the “do nothing” team essentially ran the front office, building a webserver for SharePoint files, a website, and the email system related to the project.
- Covered operating costs out of our own pocket, for such things as Greenlight fee and FB advertising.

Since the breakaway team left, the website is still down last we checked, FB is the only active area of promotion and fan interaction that we can find and Desura and Steam continue to sit languishing despite what should be an impending release to early access.

It should also be noted that when the team that left did so, we packed all our files up and sent them to LtF in a nice neat package that simply needed unpacked and displayed for the public to view. The fact that this hasn’t been seen yet should speak volumes to any who are watching.

While most of the things the breakaway team worked on where tools to make the development go a little smoother, these have come with us when we left. As soon as word got to LtF that we had left, all people who may or may not have left where immediately removed from all communications within the team structure. Let me make that last bit perfectly clear, EVEN IF certain individuals hadn’t committed to leaving the bionite project yet, they were removed for simple affiliation reasons.

We did our best to keep LtF off the public forums because it almost always created a PR nightmare of promises we couldn’t keep. As to the customer that bought from Desura, I can offer you no guarantees I’m afraid. You have read by now why we left, I leave you to your own conclusions.

Michael “twichy” Thompson
Marketing Manager
Dancing Panda Studios (DPS)

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