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Market Research

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For those of you who aren't aware (probably most of you) I've been working as the lead writer and sound designer for SIMIC Games, a small indie company working on an action/RTS game of our own tentatively titled "Remnant". As you might expect, market research is causing some problems; RTS players and action players are easy to find, but players of action/RTS games are much more difficult to come by. So, what makes BZ2 fun for you?

Feel free to ask questions about the game we're making, but please be aware that I might not be able to answer all of them. needs your help!
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Re: Market Research

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Okay I'll bite.

To me Action RTS is particularly appealing because it throws you into situations you normally wouldn't be able to have in a regular FPS while still retaining the strategy that I like about RTS. Instead of just the constant fighting of a pure FPS game you've got the buildup to the fights: scouting, preparation and not knowing the specifics of what the resistance will be. There's also the consequences of dealing with the results.

BZ2 does this very well - you have no idea what the layout of the enemy's base will be or what combination of forces they're creating unless you go scout them out. When you do finally clash you're right there in the middle of your forces doing your part of shooting the enemy, directly leading or supporting the battle. It makes it a lot more personal than most RTSs and that appeals to me.
It also adds a bit of strategy to multiplayer: if you kill the commanding player in a sea of units it limits their organisation and makes mopping up easier.

I also love base building, my favourite part of every RTS ('cept Ground Control 2 because it has no bases) is constructing the various buildings and defences before the combat starts. Watching a base go up around you is great.

I rambled a bit but the big points are
1) Consequences of engagement
2) Personal stake in the game beyond win/loss
3) Base building

Essentially it's an RTS that you directly take part in.
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