Unit Icons

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Unit Icons

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I've always made colored/textured icons.

How do people make the BZ2 style blue tinted icons?
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Re: Unit Icons

Post by bigbadbogie »

Take a screenshot of a craft without a texture (in threed or 3dsmax).

Import to photoshop and add a blueish tinge.
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Re: Unit Icons

Post by coxxon »

Found this thread while looking for something else, but figured, what the heck:

I find the following works easier and gives better results than trying to add the color in Photoshop directly across multiple models.

In 3ds Max,
1 - take a blank material and set the ambient and diffuse to the color you want. (RGB- 50 150 255 is sorta ISDF blue)
2 - Specular should be white(ish) for highlight.
3 - Under specular highlights, set the Specular level to 100 and the Glossiness to 50.
4 – SAVE the model so you can have the material and color values for future reference.
5 - Put the material on the model.
6 - Do a production render (F9). You may need to adjust the default lights, or even rotate the model, so the light hits it correctly.
7 - Copy and paste into Photoshop.
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Re: Unit Icons

Post by Red Devil »

there is this method for making icons on GH's site, too:

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