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Re: Battlezone 2.5

Post by Zero Angel » Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:43 am

Red Spot wrote:
Zamu wrote:My goal was not to incite any kind of hatred or turn people on each other.
When you're around long enough you'll realise that it isnt you, its what has become of our community.
Big ego's and an inability to see what others mean/who they are talking to tends to work in nobody's favour. Not to mention less than polite/respectfull behaviour that for some has apparently become a sort of standard.

BZ(2) is like a religion to a lot :D
Yeah true. Been around long enough, theres a lot of die hards left. Die hards, and the type of individuals who become die hards (forum die hards, modding die hards, pve die hards, pvp die hards) tend to have very strong opinions, or at least very strong stances, which leads to a lot of conflict, most of it unproductive -- this is especially true when you bring up the content of the metagame, different people have different ideals and conceptions about what the metagame is, and what the metagame should consist of -- as well as the whole deal with egos clashing.
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