MPIExpansion Beta Testers

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MPIExpansion Beta Testers

Post by AI_Unit » Fri May 09, 2014 9:08 am

Okay so I'm getting to the stage where I just need to add a few more things in order to get the mod working fully. I'm currently looking for some Beta Testers so I can locate any bugs with the host or clients. I've also been working on a new Survival Game for MP which I also need to test with Multiple users.

The list of things I have to do before Beta:
- Finish AIP's
- Sort a few ODF's
- Polish up the Survival DLL
- Finish Applying Path Points to Current Maps
- Finish Applying Modifications to the Shell/Lobby

So I will treat the Above list as a check list and when all of these are finished, I will be posting a beta. If you are interested, please send me a personal message or e-mail me.

If you haven't heard of my current WIP (Work In Progress), you can check it out here:


Also here is my e-mail address:

I'm hoping to have the beta released within the next two weeks. I will also list the current beta testers in the mod topic and be sure to give credit for your help.

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