Version (2012-05-26)

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Version (2012-05-26)

Post by Ultraken » Sat May 26, 2012 6:02 pm

This is a quick fix for the prior build.


Testing Executable and Symbols
MakeMAP utility for creating texture files from images

What's New

* Hotfix for aiming problems with unarmed vehicles

* Attempted fix for alliances getting reset when a player leaves

* Fixed camera spin when switching between Shift-F3 and Shift-F4 views

* Added support for new MAP texture formats, bringing the total to 5
- Type 0: original 8-bit indexed format for software and opaque textures
- Type 1: original 16-bit A4R4G4B4 format for translucent textures
- Type 2: new 16-bit R5G6B5 format for higher-quality opaque textures
- Type 3: new 32-bit A8R8G8B8 format for highest-quality translucent tetures
- Type 4: new 32-bit X8R8G8B8 format for highest-quality opaque textures

* Created a new MakeMAP utility for creating texture files
- Reads JPEG baseline, PNG, TGA, uncompressed BMP, composited PSD, GIF, HDR, and PIC
- Supports a variety of image processing options (prefix with - or /):
recoveralpha: recover alpha from RGB assuming premultiplied alpha
chromakey <R> <G> <B>: color to treat as transparent
transindex <index>: palette index to use for transparency
undopma: undo premultiplied alpha (useful for effects)
remap <table>: read color remap table from an image (usually 256x1)
colorize: enable colorization curves (pow, mul, and add)
powr <value>: set exponent for the red channel (default 1)
powg <value>: set exponent for the green channel (default 1)
powb <value>: set exponent for the blue channel (default 1)
powa <value>: set exponent for the alpha channel (default 1)
mulr <value>: set output range for the red channel (default 255)
mulg <value>: set output range for the green channel (default 255)
mulb <value>: set output range for the blue channel (default 255)
mula <value>: set output range for the alpha channel (default 255)
addr <value>: add a constant value to the red channel (default 0)
addg <value>: add a constant value to the green channel (default 0)
addb <value>: add a constant value to the blue channel (default 0)
adda <value>: add a constant value to the alpha channel (default 0)
diff <percentage>: amount of error diffusion to apply
flipx: flip the output image horizontally
flipy: flip the output image vertically
- Supports all output formats (prefix with - or /)
pal <palette>: specify palette file for 8-bit indexed (MAP type 0)
4444: output 16-bit A4R4G4B4 (MAP type 1)
565: output 16-bit R5G6B5 (MAP type 2)
8888: output 32-bit A8R8G8B8 (MAP type 3)
888: output 32-bit X8R8G8B8 (MAP type 4)

* Lifted artificial texture size restrictions
- The original restrictions were based on the 3Dfx Voodoo
- Allow texture as large as hardware permits
- Allow non-quare textures if hardware permits (common)
- Allow non-power-of-two textures if hardware permits (less common)

* Reticle gets pitch angle from Craft instead of recalculating it
- This will eventually allow different pitch ranges and behaviors

* Fixed problems on maps with units that start outside the play area
- Fixed a crash in FindPath when deep inside a blocked area
- Unreachable cells retain their original cell type
- Path-finding treats unreachable cells as blocked
. This retains good pathing performance
- Units treat unreachable cells as normal
. This allows units to follow designer-placed paths

* Got 8-bit hardware mode working correctly
- Set it in render.cfg with Texture16=0
- There is not much point in using this :)

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