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Version (2012-06-08)

Post by Ultraken » Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:45 am

This is a hotfix for that should fix problematic mouse input and Black Dog units with no pilots.


Testing Executable and Symbols
Updated Assets (2012-06-07)

What's New

* Fixed a bug that marked sloped and steep terrain as forbidden
- This should fix "disobedient" Scavengers

* Fixed music trying to play an unlocked resource
- I'm surprised this didn't crash outright...

* Disabled logging output from the mission version check
- This reduces the noticeable "hang" in the shell
- This also reduces music skipping in the shell

* Set Ogg Vorbis DirectSound buffer channels and rate from the file
- It previously assumed two channels and 44100 Hz

* Fixed navigation mesh not being rebuilt after editing terrain

* Satellite view uses the original oriented build template
- There isn't any solid terrain for it to interfere with :)

* Completely changed how nationality works
- Uses the first letter of the ODF as a nation code (like BZ2)
. No longer limited to American ('a', 'b'), Soviet ('s'), and Alien ('h', 'o')
. Special case: player.odf is assigned to American ('a')
- Determine pilot, user, Recycler, sounds, etc. from nation code
. Fall back to 'a' or 's' when nation-specific assets don't exist
- This allows Chinese and Black Dog factions from Red Odyssey
. The Chinese units don't cloak, of course

* Added Scavenger-specific message properties
- deployMsg: default avscav1.wav or svscav1.wav
- foundMsg: default avscav5.wav or svscav5.wav
- notFoundMsg: default avscavh.wav or svscavh.wav
- noDropMsg: default avscavi.wav or svscavi.wav
- These were previously hard-coded in the AI process

* APC no longer reloads at an undeployed Recycler

* Replaced reachability check with region identifiers
- Uses a two-pass connected component labeling algorithm
- Assigns valid region id to regions containing "interesting" objects
. It uses the same objects that the old flood fill used as seeds
- Goal is reachable only if its start and goal regions are valid and match
. This fixes performance problems on maps with disconnected regions

* Updated PathDisplay
- Changed Draw Height to use a broader grayscale ramp
- Added Draw Slope to show terrain slope (lighter means steeper)
- Added Draw Cell Region to show pathing regions
- Show plan path in red if it isn't valid (e.g. disconnected)

* Fixed some issues with Ogg Vorbis worker threads
- Use a critical section to protect against multithreading problems
- Allow threads to run on any processor instead of forcing them to #1
- Fixed threads exiting after resuming from a debug break

* Updated file system
- Read contents of ZFS files in addon
. They work like folders for the most part
- Prints ZIX file list to debug output
. Prefixes used paths with @
. Prefixes overridden paths with !

* Use points of all named paths to mark regions as interesting
- If a designer put a path somewhere, it's probably interesting
- Exception: edge_path

* Set primary audio buffer to 44KHz and 16-bit
- This should improve quality when mixing a lot of channels
- Modern hardware should handle this just fine
- Technically it should be an audio option...

* Removed code that changed the system mouse speed
- This was a holdover from before 1.5

* Use raw mouse input events when available
- This should bypass any Windows pointer acceleration

* Fixed Black Dog units missing pilots
- Choose a safe default pilot if there isn't a faction pilot

* Made raw mouse input a command-line option
- It's off by default for now
- /rawinput enables it
- /norawinput disables it

* Improved fine aiming with raw input enabled
- It seems to match normal input fairly well

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