Version (2012-06-09)

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Version (2012-06-09)

Post by Ultraken » Sun Jun 10, 2012 4:02 am

Lucky 13!


Testing Executable and Symbols
Updated Assets (2012-06-09)

What's New

* Fixed large maps (10240x10240) crashing on load

* Fixed units not being able to recycle themselves
- Goal point adjustment needed to check cell type, not just region
- Buildings don't invalidate regions the way cliffs do

* Significantly improved pathing performance
- This mostly affects large, complicated maps

* Use all craft as region labeling seeds
- This helps some IA maps with disconnected regions

* Added multiplayer option to enable extra nations
- Enabled: allow nation-specific pilots and Recycler; use netveh1.odf (if available)
- Disabled: force American or Soviet pilots and Recycler; use netveh.odf

* MultSTMission tries several different Recycler versions:
- Nation multi-player (_vremp) - only if allowing any nation
- Nation single-player (_vrecy) - only if allowing any nation
- Fallback multi-player (avremp/svremp)
- Fallback single-player (avrecy/svrecy)

* PathDisplay shows unlabeled (AI-created) paths in a different color
- This makes them easy to tell apart from labeled (designer-created) paths

* Fixed severe framerate problems on maps with large disconnected regions
- Units would replan constantly when the target got >100m from the adjusted goal
- UnitTask now tracks the original and adjusted goal positions separately

* Adjusted layout of multiplayer shell screens (submitted by Dx)
- General:
. Increased space available for player names
- Lobby
. Matched "Players in Room" button click color
. Requires new multi2.bmp
- Pre-Game
. Matched "Player Status" button click color
. Changed Player Name color to green
. Requires new multipc.bmp and multipj.bmp
* Post-Game/Escape
. Matched "Player Stats" button click color
. Changed Player Name color to green
. Requires new multipe.bmp and multipeh.bmp

* Fixed video mode list overflowing when D3D reported too many modes
- Inceased limit from 50 to 128
- Stop adding modes when the list fills up

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