Version (2012-07-03)

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Version (2012-07-03)

Post by Ultraken » Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:47 am

Updated assets are the star of the show this time...


Testing Executable and Symbols
Updated Assets (updated 2012-07-03)
* Includes cleaned-up RO content and 1.4, 1.5, and 1.5.1 assets (thanks to Sporkinator)
* Packaged as new ZIX and ZFS files to allow a clean addon folder
MakeZFS and MakeZIX (updated 2012-07-03)
MakeMAP (updated 2012-07-03)

What's New:

* Fixed some shell text windows using the wrong font size
- TextWindow uses the original font size (14) by default
- Map and vehicle description windows use a smaller font size (13)

* Improved unit obstacle avoidance
- Units should be better at passing between deployed craft
- Units shouldn't get stuck on deployed turrets as much

* Fixed a crash in FindPathStart when the player is dead

* Geometry allows multiple textures with hardware rendering
- Some polygons previously used the wrong texture
- This fixes cockpit geometry (especially in avtank and svtank)

* TurretTank sends ammo ammount to remote copies
- This fixes remote copies having the wrong ammo amount

* Strategic AI no longer builds its unit list from the builder menu
- It ended up with more entries than it could handle
- This should fix crashes and other strategic AI problems

* Fixed strategic AI breaking when there were too many unit types

* Attempted to fix an intermittent crash in StopMusic

* Fixed problems when music volume was set to zero
- Music starts playing properly when the volume gets raised
- Release the track properly even if it hasn't started playing

* Fixed (un)allying with teams 9-15

* Updated MakeZFS
- Preserves file modification dates
. Add/replace use file modification date as the timestamp
. Extract sets file modification date to the timestamp
- Adding/updating files using wildcards (e.g. *.ini) works
- Listing files using wildcards shows matching record count

* Updated MakeMAP
- Supports desaturation

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