New Build (2011-03-19)

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New Build (2011-03-19)

Post by Ultraken » Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:09 am

Lots of new stuff!

Program Database (Optional)
MakeZFS/MakeZIX (New!)

* WeaponMine skips line-of-sight for dispenser and radar launcher
* Removed unused GameObject first/last/next/previous pointers
* Added EnoughAmmo method to Weapon and derived classes
* WeaponMine skips line-of-sight test for dispenser weapons
* WeaponMine now uses Weapon EnoughAmmo method
* Experimental: added some player info to the damage structure
- dmg_player: did the damage come from a player?
- dmg_player_id: network id of the player (or dp_ID_NONE)
* RecordDeath and KillMessage now use network id from damage
- This makes damage credit work even when the damage owner goes away
* Experimental: disabled damage scale compensating for packet loss
* Fixed window being stuck in topmost mode after switching from fullscreen
* AiMission::Update skips player boundary check when there is no player object
- This should fix the single-player crash when the player dies
* Preliminary implementation of a new MakeZFS utility
- Treats zfs files like an archive format
- a: add files to zfs (applies LZO compression)
- d: delete files from zfs (does not remove the original data)
- x: extract files from zfs (to current working directory)
- l: list files in the zfs
- u: update files in zfs (does not replace the original data)
- NOTE: writes can't modify existing data, only add to the end
- TO DO: add a "rebuild" option to clean/compact a zfs?
* Preliminary implementation of a new MakeZIX utility
- Takes a descriptor file as input and generates the ZIX file
- Descriptor files look like this:
0 D:\bzone BZONE 'Battlezone CD
DIR: bzhw16l.zfs
DIR: bzhw16.zfs
DIR: bzhw.zfs
DIR: bzsw.zfs
DIR: bzone.zfs
* Added support for mouse sensitivity setting
- Minimum setting is 50% of normal
- Maximum setting is 200% of normal
* Producer enemy kick now hurls objects away from the center
- This works much better for the Soviet units :)
* Reduced APC cooldown delay to 5 seconds and reload delay to 0 seconds
* Don't let a sniped pilot enter a vehicle
- This fixes a rare but annoying vehicle "lockout" bug
* Limit scrap value in multiplayer to half the scrap cost
- This eliminates "scrapmaking" without requiring new assets
* Tweaked Craft collision to avoid reading from the collided object
- This should avoid some crashes where the object got deleted
* Changed how the Craft explosion timer works
- Set to a constant 5 seconds
- Ignore health status
- Ignore additional damage
- Explode immediately on collision
* Increased vertical "kick" on death
* Dead HoverCraft uses "chunk" physics
* Experimental: Tweaked AI avoidance
- Don't skip moving non-player units with higher sequence numbers
* Adjusted end condition in GotoTask
- This might help fix an occasional crash
* Doubled rotational kick for ordnance impact
* Adjusted Craft terrain collision to work more like the original
- This greatly reduces vertical bounce (by as much as 90%)
* Restored some of the original mouse input code
- Read the cursor position right before using it
- Use client area instead of viewport
- This shouldn't make much difference in practice...
* Scavengers drop their cargo when they explode
- It's only fair, and I've wanted them to do that for years :)
* Moved unbuild logic from ConstructionRigProcess to ConstructionRig
- ConstructionRig shows unbuild progress in its ammo gauge
* Experimental: SpawnPoint GetClosestEnemy takes teams into account
* Experimental: Only show base gauges when they are "interesting"
- Health: when less than full
- Ammo: when more than empty (e.g. showing a progress bar)
* Made ZIX file name indexing more reliable
- It expected names to be padded out to 16 characters with null bytes
- Searching for a name not matching that requirement would fail
- It now does that internally and places no restriction on the caller
- This fixes some CRC checks that weren't being done
* Simplified shell vehicle list loading a bit
- This system is a terrible mess... :D

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