Version (2013-04-09): Quick Fixes

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Version (2013-04-09): Quick Fixes

Post by Ultraken » Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:49 am

This build is a replacement for, which suffered a number of major problems. The release notes from are still relevant, though.

Collision and physics feature improved accuracy and allow per-polygon collision on moving and animated objects. Vehicle collisions with terrain and buildings are much less "sticky" than in prior 1.5 releases. Buildings and producers use per-polygon collision and buildings act as terrain floor so vehicles and pilots can use them like terrain.

Enabling strategic AI control for all teams turned out to be surprisingly expensive so mission scripts must call SetAIControl during initialization for any team that will be using an AIP. This will unfortunately break most existing Lua mission scripts.

Unofficial 1.5 Patch Hub with common files shared between versions
Version Page with download link and build notes
Lua Script Utilities Reference documenting all the functions available to Lua mission scripts.
Decoda, a professional-quality Lua integrated development environment and debugger released by the company behind Natural Selection 2.

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