Version (2013-10-05) Bugfixes and Assets

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Version (2013-10-05) Bugfixes and Assets

Post by Ultraken » Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:40 am

The build itself is a relatively minor update but there's a new All-In-One 1.5.2 Asset Pack and a new 16-bit Enhanced Texture Pack (now with buildings, props, and Black Dogs). As the build notes say, make sure you remove the old copy of bzone152.zfs from addon!

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Update: I uploaded a new version of the All-In-One asset pack that works with the original retail ZFS files instead of the BZ/RO merged ZFS files. If you downloaded the asset pack before 5:50AM central standard time on October 5th, download it again to get the latest version. (The archive should be 16,409 KB.)

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