Version (updated 2014-08-12): Testing For Release

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Version (updated 2014-08-12): Testing For Release

Post by Ultraken »

Update: I fixed the floating mine problem. Derp de derp...

Updated Update I fixed the other floating mine problem. There's also new multiplayer-related Lua scripting features and an updated asset pack with the seismic wave thing straightened out, a fixed check.odf, and the direct-impact Day Wrecker.

Time for another preview!

Enough has changed since that I thought it warranted a new version number. In particular, there's a whole bunch of new LuaMission features to play with. I'm hoping this release will be the one that sticks. :)

To try out the new direct-impact damage feature of the Day Wrecker, change apwrck.odf to this:

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classLabel = "daywrecker"
baseName = "apwrck"
scrapCost = 20
scrapValue = 0
maxHealth = 300
maxAmmo = 0
unitName = "Day Wrecker"
aiName = "PowerUpProcess"

damageConcussion = 3000
xplBlast = "xbmbxpl"
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Re: Version (updated 2014-08-12): Testing For Relea

Post by Huib-Bloodstone »

Thnx i will check it out
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