New Build (2011-05-09) - Back on Track

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New Build (2011-05-09) - Back on Track

Post by Ultraken » Tue May 10, 2011 5:09 am

I finally fixed several problems that I had introduced recently and not-as-recently, and even nailed down a random crash in the shell. There's still a lot to be done, but I'm much happier with this build than the last two.


Testing Executable and Symbols - this is the preferred build for now
Release Executable and Symbols

What's New:

* Buildings block pathing more like 1.4
- This fixes AI pathing problems around some buildings like the NSDF Hangar

* Fixed a semi-rare case where unpacking a network matrix went wrong
- This would result in a completely-b0rked matrix and subsequent hilarity
- This might fix some of the "blank screen" problems

* Fixed uninitialized member values in Mapgrid_Goal
- This was occasionally tripping a floating-point exception

* Restored original gamekey processing with only minor changes
- This ought to fix problems with non-US keyboard layouts

* Fixed collision damage not giving credit for kills

* Fixed an occasional crash in the shell lobby
- Several places were using UnlockItem wrong
- This was a "how did this ever work?" situation :)

* Improved performance of vehicle shadows
- It now preloads its texture instead of looking it up each time

* Fixed lava and terrain-impact deaths awarding kills to all players

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