New Build (2011-09-25) - Release Candidate 2

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New Build (2011-09-25) - Release Candidate 2

Post by Ultraken » Mon Sep 26, 2011 1:27 am

Maybe this one?


Testing Executable and Symbols (now packaged together)
Game Assets (updated 2011-09-25)

What's New (2011-09-18)

* Fixed Person sticking around briefly after entering a vehicle
- It waits only until it gets sent in multiplayer (usually the next frame)
- It vanishes instantly in single-player
- It previously used a fixed 0.1-second timer in both single- and multiplayer

* Disable "Pick Me Up" command for unpiloted (robotic) vehicles
- The player can never enter those vehicles so it was misleading
- This is mostly useful for modders (hi, Zeno!)

* Added sanity checks to Craft to catch some of the out-of-world crashes
- If the position is invalid (NaN), teleport to the center of the map
- If the position is outside the world, teleport to the edge of the map
- If the velocity is invalid (NaN), set to zero
- If the velocity is higher than 1000 m/s, clamp it to that value
- TO DO: figure out why units sometimes leave the world in multiplayer

* Fixed floating-point exception sometimes happening when a player leaves
- Some kinds of object state packets had uninitialized (garbage) time stamp values
- Receivers got a floating-point exception if the value happened to be NaN

* Reverted some of the changes to shell stop-game handling
- Recent changes may have caused some of the post-game problems

* (Re)fixed players returning to simulation after being disconnected
- It now uses SetRunnning(RUN_WAS_QUIT) to stop the simulation directly

* Fixed the "you won" message not appearing for a sync-on strategy game

* Keep simulation running after defeat in strategic multiplayer
- The player's base and units remain functional until the player leaves the game
- This is how 1.4 worked

* Reduce the send priority of empty, stationary hover vehicles
- This works similarly to a deployed Producer

* Remote powerups explode on death
- This uses logic very similar to Person

What's New (2011-09-20)

* Fixed remote Torpedo spawning a swarm of copies when destroyed

* Don't print death notices for non-player-owned buildings and units

* Fixed potentially uninitialized stuck state values in RecycleTask

What's New (2011-09-21)

* Added catapult animation for Armories (submitted by Dx)
- This needs updated .vdf files to work

* Fixed player's buildings and units going inert after being defeated in strategy MP
- Strategy mission no longer quits the simulation on defeat
- Run simulation while the escape screen error dialog is visible

* Fixed some issues with not-quite-removed-yet pilots in multiplayer
- Craft ignore collisions with them
- Info display ignores them, and any other object flagged as invisible or destroyed

What's New (2011-09-23)

* Fixed players getting kill credits for empty vehicles
- The change to death notices accidentally caused this

* Fixed kicked players not actually leaving until they click OK on the message pop-up
- This should reduce some of the auto-kick message spam

* Players hold onto spawn points in strategy games games until they leave
- This should prevents joining players from spawning in another player's base

What's New (2011-09-24)

* Assign the host's spawn point so joining players can't pick it
- This should prevent players from spawning in the host's base

* Armory starts catapult animation in LaunchItem so it matches the build time

What's New (2011-09-25)

* Fixed the "NULL" printed at the bottom of the net escape dialog

* Give the chat edit box focus when entering the net escape dialog

* Restored the original Producer auto-deploy radius (10m)
- This makes Producers deploy again when sent to a nav beacon on a geyser

* Getting (auto)kicked while in the options menu no longer breaks the shell

* Added an option to forcibly remove players when (auto)kicking them
- Add RemovePlayerOnKick=1 in net.ini to enable it
- This prevents clients from avoiding or otherwise ignoring kick notices
- It basically makes the kick notice a warning, not a request :)

* Added support for removing a player from the game when kicked
- Added RemovePlayerOnKick option to net.ini, disabled by default
- Auto-quit when receiving a delete player for yourself

* Fixed an occasional crash on launch after exiting a previous game
- The game wasn't clearing the user team list on exit

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