New Build (2011-10-05) - Release Candidate 7

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New Build (2011-10-05) - Release Candidate 7

Post by Ultraken » Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:15 am

This build should fix the randomly-appearing objects and the delay between a person or powerup dying and disappearing. I fixed a few other things while I was at it, too. :)


Testing Executable and Symbols
Game Assets (updated 2011-09-25)

What's New

* Improved simulation rate while in the net escape screen
- It now uses a 10ms delay plus however long the simulation takes
- This also applies while the message pop-up is active
- This should prevent simulation problems when there is a lot going on

* Fixed blank screen behind the error dialog when creating or joining a game fails

* Player flags draw behind other HUD elements

* Player flags use the correct team colors

* Eliminated randomly-appearing units--"This time for sure!"
- Object state updates include a size so receivers won't get misaligned when skipping objects

* Eliminated the delay after destroying a Person or PowerUp
- Object deletion messages now indicate whether an object should explode or not

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