Release Candidate 11 (2011-10-26)

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Release Candidate 11 (2011-10-26)

Post by Ultraken » Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:09 am

This is a relatively-minor update compared to RC10 but it does fix a few worthwile things.


Testing Executable and Symbols
Game Assets (updated 2011-10-13)

What's New

* Fixed the cases that load a default (empty) game:
- Using the /nobodyhome command line option
- Using the name of a .trn file on the command line
- These should help when creating new missions

* Shell chat only prints the "message buffer full" warning once

* When flattening terrain, Constructor clamps the height to the legal range
- This should fix terrain height wrapping around and creating a pillar

* The special item trigger option in play options finally shows the right value

* Shell uses the local map list to limit the maximum player count
- This helps when the host sets the limit higher than the map supports
- NOTE: the implementation of this is not very clean

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