Sticky: How to install BZ2 from CD

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Sticky: How to install BZ2 from CD

Post by GSH » Sat Dec 28, 2013 4:31 pm

This keeps being asked, and has alredy been documented in the 1.3 Readme13 (alternate link), which is installed with BZ2, and also available at the master Battlezone 2 patch site. It says this:
Installing Battlezone II from CD on Windows XP/Vista/7
The Battlezone II CD does not contain the best installer, as many have noticed. Especially for 64-bit versions of Windows, the setup.exe in the root folder of the BZ2 CD does NOT run, because that setup.exe is a 16-bit application. Battlezone II (the game) is a proper 32-bit application that runs on 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows. But, the CD's initial installer does not run well on modern systems. The best thing to do is to try this first:
1. Insert BZ2 CD. Do not run anything if prompted
2. In Windows, go to 'My Computer' (Windows XP), or 'Computer' (Windows 7)
3. Find the BZ2 CD entry, click on it
4. Go to the setup directory in the BZ2 CD
5. Run the setup.exe (shown simply as the application called 'setup' if you use the Windows default of hiding file extensions)

Hopefully, the above steps work. However, it will sometimes put up a dialog box saying that Windows NT is not supported. For some, click 'ok' to dismiss that message, and the installer works perfectly well after that. If the installer crashes, the following steps may help:
1. Open the BZ2 CD
2. Go to the Setup directory
3. Right-click on Setup.exe, and drag it onto the desktop.
4. Right-click on the shortcut, and select Properties.
5. Select the "Compatibility" tab.
6. Check the "Run in compatibility mode" box.
7. Select "Windows 95 Compatibility Layer" in the popup.
8. Click "OK" to close the Properties dialog box.
9. Double-click on the shortcut to install BZ2.
-- GSH