Question regarding new BZ2 music

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Question regarding new BZ2 music

Post by Mr_Scorpion » Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:03 pm

Is it possible for me to add these new tracks to the list of "random tracks to play in multiplayer" somehow?

That would be sweet.

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Re: Question regarding new BZ2 music

Post by Red Devil » Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:43 pm

found in Extrax\Changelog\ChangeLog*.txt


- Added in support for playing the CD's audio tracks as ogg files
instead. To accomplish this, place files 'cdaudiotrack2.ogg'
.. 'cdaudiotrack11.ogg' under addon -- or any other place that BZ2 can
find files. If the 'Ingame Music From CD' audio option is set to 'On',
and the Music Volume slider is > 0, then it'll look for those ogg
files in preference to the CD (redbook audio) tracks. If you have a
system that's in any way recent, this should be preferable to using
the CD tracks, as there should be no pauses while the IDE drive takes
its sweet time seeking to a new track and killing your framerate.


- Added all CD audio tracks as .ogg files to addon. These are encoded
at ogg quality = 4, which ought to be good enough, without being huge.
(The last track, which is silent, was trimmed before encoding.) Added
an option for random tracks to the audio options pages. If this is
selected, it'll scan for the files 'cdaudiotrack2.ogg'
.. 'cdaudiotrack256.ogg', and use their presence to build up a random
playlist. (If cdaudiotrack#.ogg isn't found, then it stops scanning,
so the list must be contiguous.) Added callback from IA/MP DLLs to
disable random tracks -- if AllowRandomTracks(false) isn't called, it
assumes it's on. Did make the IA/MPI DLLs call that w/ true to be
explicit, even though that's redundant. Bug me if there's no DLL
source distribution released with the next build. [NM]
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Re: Question regarding new BZ2 music

Post by Nielk1 » Sun Feb 15, 2015 2:56 am

Can't they be called anything if they are in a specific folder and be picked up for random, but need a numeric name if they want to use TRN track number based selection flags?

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