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Windows Metro Tiles

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For those using Windows 8 or 10, this is a selection of images for you to use for your Battlezone tiles.

There are 32 tiles in total covering every release in the series, including one for the BZ2CP. All are created from official source material; most simply involved resizing and cropping, but some involved recompositing or repainting to remove unwanted badges or watermarks (points if you can spot them all). As I find more source images I'll add more to the folder, and I'll throw them in this thread when I do. Most images come in two versions (a square one of 310x310px, and a wide one of 310x150px), though some are only available in one because the source material wouldn't accommodate the other. You can't use these with Windows natively unfortunately, but using a program like OblyTile, TileCreator or PinAnything you can create custom tiles that link to whatever you want.

The full album can be found here. Contents:
Battlezone: 5x square, 5x wide
Battlezone: Battle Grounds: 2x square, 1x wide
Battlezone: The Red Odyssey: 2x square, 4x wide
Battlezone Gold Pack: 1x square, 1x wide
Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs: 1x square, 2x wide
Battlezone 2: Combat Commander 3x square, 3x wide
Battlezone 2: Forgotten Enemies 1x square, 1x wide
Battlezone Demo: 1x square needs your help!
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