Blinking smoke/fire effect

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Blinking smoke/fire effect

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I've noticed that there are two different ways to have an effect be displayed in this game. Texture blend "one one modulate" adds alpha transparency to the effect making it better for brighter colors. While "srcalpha invsrcalpha modulatealpha" shows the raw effect and is better for displaying darker colors like with grey/black smokes.

The problem is that these two can't blend properly and as soon as one is in front of the other it completely overshadows the other one and this isn't good for effects that combine smoke and fire effects using the former for fire, and the latter for smoke. It creates a "blinking" glitch effect.I think "one one modulate" should always be the dominant effect even if an effect using "srcalpha invsrcalpha modulatealpha" is in front. You should always be able to see the fire effect clearly and the smoke shouldn't block it, in other words. Is there a code that can do this now or does it have to be implemented?

You could also make it so if one overlaps another that there is some kind of smooth fade effect, instead of blinking.

Here's an example so you can see what I mean:

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