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AI behavior

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Everybody understands: If you are playing against AI in the Instant Action or SP, a lot of interest depends on the AI behavior. I am curious:

1. Why all of the AI is unable to use weapons except the main one? A Sabre will use the cannon but never gun or mines. A scout uses only the gun but never missiles.

2. Why all of the enemy units always make a stupid maneuver when being attacked head to head? Why do they turn around for a while?

3. The repair units cannot move straightforward and always move rapidly. If it is the programmed behavior it is ok. Is it?

4. In some mods the repair units automatically repair everything that is in some (variable from mod to mod?) range. What does it depend on? Looks like in the original variant and in the BZ2 Redux the repair units must be explicitly directed to the repair target and they never repair damaged friendly units nearby. Can't say that there is any logic in this.

5. What is the algorithm of the Friend-or-Foe detection? Some AI units do not react until they are shoot while the enemy is nearby, some units immediately attack if a foe is in range. Is it programmable in each case or it is a common problem?

6. Why AI units get stuck in objects? Is it so difficult to develop an algorithm like robotic vacuum cleaners have, once and forever? Such behavior is far from reality and looks like a poor programming.

7. Is it possible and is it difficult to implement some additional AI behavior and add it to the game? I mean additional orders like "Free hunting", "Stay strictly at this point and defend it", "Concentrate on covering me", etc.?

8. Is it possible and is it difficult to implement more rational behavior in case the AI unit is nearly destroyed? All of them look like fanatics and fight on until they are destroyed. It would be interesting and more realistic if AI units were able to retreat.

9. Looks like the AI units completely concentrate on the target they choose for attack and ignore everything around them. Sometimes it can be explained by the orders they got but mostly it looks stupid. Is there a way to fix this behavior?

P.S. Sorry for my English.
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