Steam Workshop mods quality

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Steam Workshop mods quality

Post by The_Bonelord »

Hello - long time lurker here.

The past few months or so I've noticed a frequent number of junk looking mods appearing on the Steam Workshop for BZCC - stuff like various 'tests' and odd mods that get about 2 sequels or so in a matter of weeks and don't seem to really work or provide any real content.

It's a bit concerning as it seems to bury the good stuff - are there any moderators of the content there; is it possible? Or is it all Steam controlled?

Looking forward to hopefully seeing FE on the remaster!

Have a good day.
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Re: Steam Workshop mods quality

Post by vlad_C0M »

Please check this.. I remastering Cerberi. But not at high poligonal. (only make hd resolution texture for models nothing else)
But its looks good, ..i have not time and permission for continie development of Cerberi race mod (hadean cerberi & isdf scion)
Scion dream ۩
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