New hotfix build (89u)

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New hotfix build (89u)

Post by GSH » Thu Jul 28, 2011 4:17 pm

I've got a test build that seems to reduce lagouts on joins when tested in private. Thanks to all those that tested 89d/89e/89h/89k/89o and submitted logfiles/videos.

Changes since b89k, the previous public test build, in more 'human' terms:
- Tweaked legal screen #1
- Tweaked some popups
- Fixed some uninitialized variables, which might have caused the 'Tracked vehicle going bezerk' messages. Did increase logging for that message
- Sanity checks on user inputs.

Download links:
A) Logging build. If you're going to try and help, download Note: this will create files in your 'Logs' folder (Vista/Win7: in $MyDocs/My Games/Battlezone II/Logs; XP, in $InstallDir/Logs). A file per run, sometimes big. Watch your HD space used by this; if you can't dedicate a few dozen MB, then delete logs after successful games.

1) This is a .7z file. If you can't install/run 7-zip, please don't bother.
2) This is NOT network-compatible w/ any other BZ2 patch. Including Including b89d, b89e, b89h, b89k and b89o, the previous public tests. It can only play multiplayer with other 89o builds.
3) It is best to use Windows Explorer to copy/paste your install folder (all of it). Then unpack one of the builds above into that install folder. If you don't replace some files (e.g. bzone.exe, etc), you're doing it wrong. Also, this will let you switch between and 89o.
4) Users are NOT prompted to get this build, unlike 1.3.6 ->

If tests show an improvement, I *might* make a release that includes these changes. That all depends on what results from this test build.

-- GSH

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