10-Player Playerlist Fix

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10-Player Playerlist Fix

Post by Zero Angel » Sat Nov 05, 2011 3:06 am

This file fixes a bug where only 7 players will show up in the in-world player list when there is more than 7 players. It will now show a maximum of 10 players making it easier to keep track of who is in the current strat game. In addition the 'Player Name' column is wider so that it will show the (T) when players with longer names are transmitting voice.

To Install:

1) Download the file here:
http://zeroangel.overminddl1.com/misc_f ... _stats.cfg

2) If the link shows a text file, click on the [File] menu and click [Save As...] -- or alternative rightclick anywhere on the page and click [Save Page As...]

3) Save or copy the file into your [Battlezone 2/Addon] folder

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