Version (2012-06-14)

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Version (2012-06-14)

Post by Ultraken » Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:07 am


Testing Executable and Symbols
Updated Assets (2012-06-14)

What's New:

* Fixed time limit box position
- I somehow managed to screw it up during the shell merge

* Fixed Soviet units using American pilots with Any Nation turned off

* Fixed map vehicle list getting reset after clicking Any Nation

* Tried to make units, pilots, and soldiers recycle more reliably

* Centered all shell popup windows (submitted by Dx)

* Map and Vehicle descriptions use a slightly smaller font (submitted by Dx)

* Allow Game Object ODF to override pilot and user classes
- pilotName: pilot to use for non-player unit
- userName: pilot to use for player unit
- Setting the name to blank means no pilot/user class

* Allow Barracks ODF to override pilot class
- pilotName: pilot to create

* Geometry tolerates face texture names with extensions
- This may help with texture problems on some objects

* Fixed powerups colliding with the Recycler on the way out
- Recycler sets itself as their owner like the Armory does

* Added soldier class fallback to APC

* TurretCraft tolerates unusually-named turret geometry
- It assumes the unknown geometry is a yaw turret

* New and improved build menu system
- Fills the top-level menu from build.odf
. Falls back to original menu items when not found
- Supports sub-menus as build items
. Allows arbitrarily-deep menus
. New build.odf takes advantage of this

* Disable Any Nation button on client

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