Hey guys what's up? Merry Christmas :D

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Hey guys what's up? Merry Christmas :D

Post by Dataanti » Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:57 am

This forum seems a little bit lifeless :/ I'm guessing that the Battlezone 2 remaster brought the 1.3 patch to a halt.

I just came here to say hi to everyone, merry Christmas :) see how everyone is doing if people are still here.

Also wanted to thank this community, looking back this community set me on the course that ultimate put me on my current career path. Get ready for a story, hopefully my timeline of how i remember it is accurate enough.

It all started, like 15 years ago or something like that, maybe longer. I had had Battlezone 2 for a few years, it was pretty much the only game I played at the time. And I had no reason to use the internet, i literally only played this game on the computer. for as long as i had the game, when ever i checked the multiplayer tab it was met with an empty server browser, I had never seen a single match ever in there for i think 3 years or something like that. one day I decided to make lobby of my own, it must have been a fluke that my ports where forwarded on my router at the time because I certainly didn't know anything about that at this point. Anyways, Axeminister had joined my game, He explained to me that the reason why I don't see other lobbies was because I was running on a stock version of the game and everyone was already on 1.2 at the time. He told me how to update the game and when I did, it introduced me to the wider community and the original BZU forum. that gave me a reason to use the internet and essentially introduced me to it more formally XD.

Anyways, after being introduced to the community, I cant remember if 1.3 had come out yet or if it was just about to, I don't remember staying on 1.2 very long either way. Eventually 1.3 came out or it was already out and I had just found out how to install it. but either way, that's when i started talking to people in the IRC. It was also around this time I was starting to mess with the map editor, I think I was like 13 or 14 at this time. I found making my own maps to be pretty fun and I wanted to do more, I remember asking many questions in the IRC how to do that, driving GSH up the wall it seemed some times, but thankfully you guys where happy to help and teach me. Eventually I ended up on the beta patch team, and although all i remember doing was playing matches with people like Red Devil, N1, GreenHeart, GBD, and others on the beta, i don't think i helped very much XD it made me feel pretty special and gave me a sense of belonging in the community. That was doing pretty well until I did something i cant remember what but I pissed off GSH and he kicked me out of the beta team and banned me from the IRC.

This lead me to be a bit rebellious and so i decided to pull a hoax. some people obviously didn't fall for it but I remember being surprised that I was able to fool some people. The hoax was that I had started porting Battlezone 2 to the Xbox, I made a quick video with a terrible camera showing a mouse and keyboard plugged into the Xbox and made it appear that I was driving around the dune map with the mouse and keyboard on the Xbox. All I pretty much did, was used unregistered hyper cam, recorded a clip of the game, used windows movie maker to crop out the unregistered hyper cam box, and then copied it to the hard drive and played the video, while the video played i just moved the mouse and pressed the keys according to the video, i had to do it a couple of times so i knew exactly how the ship moved so i could have no noticeable delay in key presses and stuff. I had a long lengthy post with status updates on converting different things and tried to make it as detailed as i could. some people sent me messages asking how i was doing it, others knew it was fake but asked how i made the video. I can't remember any good reasoning behind why I did this hoax, other then i was just attention seeking and reacting to being kicked off the beta team XD i was a teenager (I think 15 at the time or something like that) at the time so... yeah... that's my excuse for that.

Anyways, After that episode, I took like a one or two year break before I started popping in to say hi in the IRC, sneaking into it when GSH was't looking cause he was still banning me on the spot at this point :P I remember Axeminister would have regular G66 lobbies that I would sometimes catch, I remember GBD was working on the OG Battlezone mod for Battlezone 2, I played a few matches with him on that. but for the most part. I have been lurking.

But while I was lurking, I was exploring other games, other communities, got into the halo modding scene that all built on what I got out of this community. and ultimately initiated the path I am now currently on.

Where I am now: I am in the military, my full job title is Aerospace telecommunications & information systems technician. I was in the training system for 1 and a half years, the past 3 and a half years I was maintaining satellite communications and deployable networks, i have been on 2 tours so far with that unit, but now I am currently working on an airfield. specifically at an IFRCC (they are the people who take care of landing aids such as primary, secondary and precision approach radars, AGA radios, ILS landing aid, beacons, etc.

I don't think I would be where I am now if this community hadn't encouraged me to tinker, mod and teach me how Battlezone 2 worked even on a basic level. thanks guys :)
I've been lurking....

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Re: Hey guys what's up? Merry Christmas :D

Post by bigbadbogie » Mon Dec 24, 2018 11:04 am

Merry Christmas!

Boy that brings up some memories.

The BZ community is also responsible for my current career trajectory.

I believe that the 1.3 patch was co-opted into the remaster so it's pretty much finished.

Most of the BZ related chatter happens in the various Discord servers now I believe.
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